Terra Chip Deco Epoxy Flooring

This decorative mica floor system has the same features and benefits as the original TerraChip. However, TerraChip Deco flakes are made from mica! The mica chips are still embedded in epoxy but mimic the appearance and luster of natural stone and minerals resulting in a truly spectacular floor.

The six standard blends offer a range of looks—choose the more subtle natural stone looks of Smoky Mountain or Oyster Bay, or make your floor pop with the addition of gold and copper found in the Cripple Creek or Sutter’s Mill blends.

TerraChip Deco is the latest addition to the TerraChip product family. This is the system of choice when you are looking for something apart from the ordinary.

Key Features:
• Seamless protection of floors and walls
• Low Maintenance
• Superior UV protection and stain resistance
• Minimal downtime for installation

Terra Chip Deco Color Options

Terra Chip Deco Work – Before, After and Highlights