Terra Chip Epoxy Flooring

TerraChip is a seamless flooring system that combines non-porous protection with architectural beauty. The customer has the ability to select standard color blends or to create a pattern and color scheme unique to each environment.
This beautiful mosaic pattern is created with vinyl acrylic flakes which are embedded into industrial epoxy. This process creates a seamless, decorative system that brightens up your room and hides existing flaws in your floor. To enhance and protect your floor it is finished with Terra Thane an advanced polyurea technology. The advanced polyurea technology TerraThane is a solvent free clear coat that provides protection from damaging UV light and provides chemical and stain resistance for your floor. This finish is available in a gloss or satin finish.
TerraChip’s combination of looks, performance, and versatility make it the premiere decorative coating system available. From garage floors to hospitals, locker rooms to automotive showrooms, from classrooms to commercial kitchens, TerraChip is the look you want with the performance you need.
Features and Benefits:
Aesthetic: Provides an attractive finish with endless design capabilities. Exhibits superior gloss and color stability
Sanitary: Seamless, non-porous finish results in easy cleanup
100% Solids: Low odor makes it ideal for use in Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage facilities
Long Lasting: Provides excellent resistance to mechanical wear and continual cleanup. Exhibits superior color and gloss stability
Chemical Resistant: Provides resistance to a variety of chemicals.
• Pharmaceutical Production and Storage Areas
• Laboratories
• Food and Beverage Processing Areas
• Cafeterias and Kitchens
• Garages
• Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
• Lobbies, Aisles, and Offices Showrooms
• Schools & Universities
• Restrooms, Showers and Locker Rooms
• Animal Holding Areas

Terra Chip Color Options

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