TerraChip – Industrial

Looking for a protective coating to brighten the non-production areas of your facility? Then look no further than TerraChip. Whether you are looking for a showroom grade system to impress visitors as they enter the main lobby to your facility, or you are looking for a decorative, low maintenance option for you restrooms and break rooms, TerraChip is what you are looking for.
Vinyl acrylic flakes are embedded in industrial epoxy to create a beautiful mosaic effect. The flakes are the protected by an advanced polyurea technology–TerraThane. This solvent free clear coat will protect your floor from damaging UV light as well as provide excellent chemical and stain resistance. Or finish the floor with TerraShield Satin for a lower gloss appearance. Either way, the final result is a floor that is as beautiful as it is functional.
Create an environment your visitors, customers, and employees will love, protect your floors with the ultimate in polyurea technology, and reduce you maintenance costs—all with TerraChip.