Terra Seal Epoxy Flooring

When physical abuse and chemical exposure are limited, our industrial line of thin film coatings is the answer. TerraSeal is a 100% solids, cycloaliphatic amine cured epoxy. TerraSeal is formulated for improved color and gloss retention, while maintaining excellent physical properties and tenacious adhesion.

Two coats of TerraSeal will provide a 16-24 mil layer of protection. It will create a high gloss reflective surface to brighten up any area and create an easy to clean surface. If you need something a little more beefy, simply broadcast graded silica into the first coat to create a heavier duty system that will have improved impact and wear resistance. Either system will provide you a cost effective method to protect your floors and improve the appearance of your facility.
TerraSeal is also available in an orange peel finish. The rolling texture is excellent for hiding flaws in the concrete that may be more visible with the smooth, mirror-like finish of the standard version.
Features and Benefits

• Nonporous: Prevents chemical migration to the substrate which can cause disbanding and environmental contamination.
• 100% Solids: Low odor makes it ideal for use in Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage facilities.
• Attractive: High gloss finish with excellent gloss and color retention. Orange Peel finish available.
• Chemical Resistant: Provides resistance to many common industrial chemicals. Consult your distributor for recommendations.
• Excellent Adhesion: May be applied over damp concrete.
• Hygienic: Sealed surface allows easier cleaning.


• Pharmaceutical
• Plants Food and Beverage Plants
• Commercial Kitchens
• Dairies
• Wastewater Treatment
• Loading Docks
• Mechanical Rooms
• Production Lines

Terra Seal Color Options